Screen Protectors Are Crucial To A Phone’s Health, Pt. 2

The contemporary smartphone will have a hardened glass screen, maybe Gorilla glass, but even the hardest glass is susceptible to knocks and will be broken if dropped. Chips and lumosscratches happen when you least expect them. Therefore it’s better to invest in a screen protector to avoid damage.

A cracked screen is another common complaint, and you will need to get it professionally fixed. If you want it done professionally and are not insured, this might be costly. However, if you invest in a decent screen protector, you may avoid this.

In this second part of the article series, we’ll go over the remaining threats that a screen protector protects your phone against, as well as the finest materials on the market to pick from. Continue reading!

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3. Pocket Damage

Many people keep their phones in their pockets, along with coins, keys, lighters, pocket knives, and other items that come into touch with your screen. Surprisingly, those who wear thin jeans are the most vulnerable.

Phones have been known to bend while wearing skinny jeans.

While this appears to be a problem with older Apple iPhone models, it should not be overlooked. It is not only harmful if the battery is faulty, but a bent smartphone will not live long.

But don’t worry if you’re a fan of thin jeans. You don’t have to give up your favourite figure-hugging pants in favour of a baggier pair.

There is hope.

Wear your thin jeans while protecting your phone with a screen cover. A sturdy screen protector can give the necessary support to keep your smartphone from bending in your back pocket.

4. Impact

Phones are dropped. Get used to it. However, some drop their phone more often than others, which is terrible news. If you keep damaging your phone’s screen repeatedly, you’re going to have to get a new one.

It’s not just a question of looks either. You can’t use a phone that has a broken screen. It will be difficult to text, or access social media, and, likely, you’ll accidentally touch the broken screen and do more damage.

A screen protector can help you prevent those cracked screens and save you from dropping hundreds on a new one.

What Materials Should I Choose?

Screen protectors are made from three main materials: plastic, polyurethane, and glass. Each material will differ in the way it enhances your device’s screen.

wiping phone screen protector

Plastic Screen Protectors

Plastic screen protectors are the most common, which is why they can be found at pretty much every store, including your local grocery store. They are the most cost-effective option and are easy to install.

However, they wear and don’t last as long as other screen protection options. Plus, they’re not as durable and tend to scratch faster.

Plastic screen protectors are the cheapest, so they will be your best option if you’re on a budget.

Polyurethane Screen Protectors

Polyurethane screen protectors are more durable than plastic protectors, making them a better option for people prone to dropping their phones. They are also easier to apply than glass and have a smooth feel and shiny look, making them stand out.

Many people use them to sell their phones, which is not the case with glass screen protectors.

Polyurethane screen protectors are typically £10-£15 more expensive than plastic protectors. However, they are pretty strong, making them an excellent option for heavy phone users. 

Glass Screen Protectors

Glass screen protectors are the most durable and are made with tempered glass, which provides excellent protection against impacts. They are also scratch-resistant, which is why they’re the most recommended screen protector.

However, glass screen protectors are more expensive than other options, especially if you want one that is high-quality. They are easier to break than other protectors and, despite looking like an outright rip-off, are recommended for people who want to reduce the risk of breaking their smartphones.


The simplest thing to do when it comes to protecting your smartphone is to keep it safe. Screen protectors are an essential part of keeping your phone well protected.

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