iPad Air 2022: Should you buy it?

Apple has updated its most popular iPad this week with the iPad Air 2022. Let’s take a look at what’s different and if you should pick one up.

Let’s kick things off with the design of the iPad Air 2022, and to be honest it’s not really changed at all. Other than some new colours the iPad Air 2022 looks the same as its predecessor.

Where the differences lay are underneath, as the iPad Air 2022 is powered by the M1 processor, the very same process that is in some Mac’s and also the iPad Pro.

I will say at this point that if you have the previous generation Air or an iPad Pro for that matter then you probably wont need to upgrade. I have one of the old iPad Pro 11-inch models before they put an M1 processor in it and i’ve never felt like it was slow.

iPad Air vs iPad Pro - hardware specs

However there is a couple of upgrades that might tempt you away from your old iPad and onto this iPad Air 2022. First of all it now support 5G, this means that if you travel alot and need the quickest connection available then this is going to be a huge upgrade to your workflow.

Next up is that if you do pick up the iPad Pro 2022 it is going to be fast for a very long time which means you don’t need to worry about updating your iPad in the next new years.

So in short, if you have an older iPad which is starting to feel sluggish you wont need to worry about that for a long time if you grab the iPad Air 2022. Although if you are looking to pick one up I would recommend spending the extra for more storage as 64GB will run out very fast!

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