How To Tell A Fake Phone Screen Protector From A Real One

While many for a screen protector for your phone, you should be looking for tempered glass. Not only are these more durable, but if they do shatter, they’ll ensure that the shattering only occurs on the protector, not on the actual screen of the phone itself.

That said, there are many fakes in the market and only a couple of genuine tempered glass. To help you ensure that you buy the real deal, here are a couple of ways you can spot a fake tempered phone screen protector for your phone:

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1. It Is Too Cheap

The reason the tempered glass has a long lifespan is that they are crafted out of tempered glass, not your run-of-the-mill plastic protector. As such, the manufacturing processes will be more intricate and detailed and will involve more time.

As such, the cost of these should be steeper than many other phone screen protectors. If it is too low for you to be comfortable with it, then it is likely that it is not a genuine tempered glass screen protector but a fake one.

2. It Is a One-Package

Some companies will try to sell their phone screen protectors in a pack of two (or more) so that it gives the impression that you are getting a discount when you buy them.

However, some of these types of companies may just sell one protector and then sell a few other types of protectors with it at inflated prices so that you think that you are getting a package deal.

If you are looking to buy a genuine tempered glass, then you should only be looking for the piece. If it is coming in a package, there’s a big chance that you are not getting a genuine tempered glass.

3. It Scratches Easily

The biggest advantage of a tempered glass screen protector is its durability. As long as you install it correctly, a genuine tempered glass can last you a lifetime on your phone’s screen.

However, if you happen to opt for a fake one, you are more likely to scratch it with even the slightest of slip-ups. This is because it is made of plastic, which is more fragile than tempered glass.

If you want to avoid the frustration of scratching a fake tempered glass, you can opt for a different type of screen protector that is made out of different materials.

4. It Has Poor Clarity

The biggest advantage of tempered glasses has to be their clarity. It is, after all, made out of glass, which is made to retain its clarity for as long as possible.

As such, if a tempered glass screen protector for your phone is of poor quality, it is a definite red flag that it is not a genuine one. If you notice that the screen protector has poor clarity, you may be dealing with a fake.


It doesn’t matter if you are buying the tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone or Android. Any phone can be protected with glass, and any of the methods mentioned in this article can be used to tell whether it is fake or genuine. Of course, if you want to rest easy, you’re buying the real deal, only buy from reputable and trustworthy brands that are known to offer genuine and reliable screen protectors!

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