How to protect your Samsung S22 Plus

If you’re planning to get the Samsung S22 Plus, you’re also going to need to plan to buy some of the best accessories to protect your Samsung S22 Plus. To ensure that you are able to make the most out of your Samsung S22 Plus, you’ll need the best accessories for it.

As you may know, the Samsung S22 Plus box does not come with a phone case, so that is one accessory that you’re definitely going to want to add to your list. We’ll list some of the best accessories to purchase in order to give your phone the long-lasting protection it needs for whatever life throws at it.


Screen protectors

Your screen matters the most when it comes to your device. The screen is what we mainly focus on when using our device and it is only sensible to get the best available screen protectors for your device. Within the screen protector market, there is a large variety of different types of screen protectors. These range of film screen protectors, tempered glass protectors, and so on.

One of our most recommended screen protectors for the Samsung S22 Plus is the Whitestone Dome EZ screen protector. This screen protector is designed specifically for the Samsung S22 Plus, meaning it will certainly be the right fit for your Samsung S22 Plus. The Whitestone Dome EZ 2 pack screen protector provides the best quality and long lasting protection for your screen.

This screen protector is 100% clear and does not impair image quality or even leave bubbles. It is easy to apply and is made out of smooth real glass, ensuring you’re getting the quality your device deserves!


Phone cases

Samsung S22 Plus


Not only does a phone case give that added bit of style to your phone and allow you to express your personality, it also offers top class protection to your device. The Samsung S22 Plus has a glass back, meaning it is definetley prone to getting cracked. That is why, you will surely need a phone case that provides exceptional protection to your Samsung S22 Plus. Our best recommended cases are the following:

  • If you’re looking for military grade protection for your device and a phone case that overall gives the best protection to your Samsung S22 Plus, the UAG phone cases brand is the best.
  • If you’re in search for something stylish and that gives your phone a bit more personalisation as well as quality protection, Samsung S22 Plus Olixar phone cases are the ones.
  • And, if you’re wanting wanting top quality and original cases for your Samsung S22 Plus, the Samsung S22 Plus original Samsung phone cases are the ones for you.


Liquid Screen clean & Protection

Samsung S22 Plus


As you know in these times it’s quite important to stay hygienic and ensure that your device is safe from germs and dirt. With the Liquid screen clean & protection, you’ll be able to provide your Samsung S22 Plus with a layer of protection from dirt, fingerprints, smudges, and bacteria.

We hope you found this little blog quite informative and that you have now got an idea of ways on how you can protect your Samsung S22 Plus from bumps, drops and scrapes as well as dirt! Visit our Mobile Fun store to explore our range of Cases, screen protectors and more for the Samsung S22 Plus.

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