How to add wireless charging to your Samsung A73

If you want to make life easier for yourself purchasing a wireless charging adapter for your Samsung A73 is the best step to take. As you know the Samsung A73 does not come with wireless charging, therefore you’ll need the Olixar Samsung wireless charging USB-C adapter.



Using a wireless charging USB-C adapter is quite ideal as it allows you to charge your Samsung A73 device without needing to use an actual charger. Be able to access fast wireless charging without having the need to take your charger everywhere with you.

All you would need to do is to attach your USB-C wireless charging adapter on to the back of your phone and then place it onto any wireless charging pad. This will simply and effectively give your phone the power it needs to allow you to tackle whatever you face throughout your day.

For those of you who work using your phone daily, this Samsung A73 accessory is quite essential. As you know having a long battery life is important, therefore it is key that you have a wireless charging USB-C adapter with you to add that convenience of wireless charging into your life.

You can purchase this wireless charging USB-C adapter from our Mobile Fun store and also check out other accessories that you may need for your Samsung A73.

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