Goodbye iPhone 14 Mini, Hello iPhone 14 Max

If you’re a fan of the iPhone mini editions Apple offers, you’ll be disappointed to know that Apple has now decided to drop the iPhone 14 mini edition. The iPhone 13 mini is now officially the last of its kind with no other mini-phone editions being created further. So, if you’re someone who loves smaller phones, you’ll have fewer options offered by Apple.

Although the iPhone 14 mini has been dropped, Apple will still be releasing 4 editions of the iPhone 14 this year. Rumors have claimed that we should expect new designs for the entry-level iPhone 14 phones and the Pro models of the phone. It has been said that the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro will come in a standard and large size and the iPhone 14 Max will not come with the classification of Max “Pro” and also a large size.


Source: PhoneArena


So, it looks like the Apple SE phone editions are going to be the new mini phones and the only option for a smaller iPhone, if that is what you want in a phone. For those of you who love phones that offer a much bigger display, the Iphone 14 Max is said to have a display size of 6.7inches which means the display is quite large.

If you want to know more about what the iPhone 14 models are expected to feature, check out our blog on iPhone 14: Leaks & Rumours.


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