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Wearable technology is evolving fast. The battery life is one of the most concerned questions when people make a decision on which smartwatch to buy. The tech-giant Garmin had unveiled solar charging smartwatches before, now has filed a patent for a new solar charging OLED display in the US. Consumers no longer need to choose between the high-quality display and ‘never ending’ battery life available through solar energy.

Garmin’s solar-powered smartwatches, the Instinct 2 Solar, currently use a memory-in-pixel (MIP) display, which has reduced screen brightness and depth of color compared to OLED displays. Garmin has proposed a new technology that layers the solar cells between the sub-pixels of the OLED display. A brighter screen, compared to the MIP display that Garmin currently uses, can be charged by sunlight.

Not only smartwatches, according to the patent application, Garmin might also use this new OLED display in products as a handheld GPS device. However, it is still in the mist when the company will launch products with this new display panel.

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