Disney Star announces IPL 2022 tech innovations — Dolby Atmos, AR visuals, Cricko and more

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 broadcaster Disney Star has revealed lots of new technology innovations for this season. In addition to Dolby Atmos, there will be a unique voting and polling platform that will make the game more interactive between commentators and fans, more analytics in the commentary box, mixed reality analysis, a Behind the Scenes (BTS) technology project, Cricko, and more.

Only on Star Sports1 HD and Star Sports1 Hindi HD will cricket fans in India be able to watch the Tata IPL 2022 in Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos creates an experience that is like no other, allowing spectators to hear things they’ve never heard before during live sporting events in multidimensional sound with remarkable clarity.

Disney Star Tech Innovations: TATA IPL 2022
  • Live and interactive voting and polling platform through megaphone – It will allow fans to shape the editorial discourse during broadcasts and develop a connect between Star Sports experts as well as audiences.
  • Presenters can engage with data-driven Hawkeye visualizations using an MR headset in mixed reality.
  • This season, the commentary box will have better analytics, which will allow commentators to be teleported from the field to the studios.
  • In this IPL, cloud production will be a new “Behind the Scenes” tech venture. As a result of the global chip shortage, broadcasters and audiences will greatly profit from cloud workflows and dispersed production methods. This frees up resources for quality content creation and collaboration, lowering carbon emissions.
  • In addition, digital stadium twins and 3D player avatars are offered, as is a bespoke virtual studio environment that uses stereoscopic talent location tracking to create the illusion that the images are genuine, 3D physical objects, and a virtual multiscreen telestration.
  • Ongoing development of virtual studios and augmented reality visuals using the Unreal gaming engine. This season, drone cameras will be able to show these images from high above the stadium, which will be a first for on-the-ground AR displays.
  • This year’s IPL will be aided by the return of the popular robot statistician, Cricko, armed with an extensive library of IPL data for analysts to share with audiences.

Regarding the tech innovations, Sports Head at Disney Star, Sanjog Gupta commented:

Disney Star has been committed to elevating the experience of Tata IPL, bringing millions of viewers closer to the game, the heroes, and the action. With fans being allowed in the stadium, we wanted viewers to get as close to the real feel of the atmosphere at the venues, and this is why we decided to produce the Tata IPL 2022 in Dolby Atmos for the first time. The Star Lab has also enhanced the presentation of the tournament by deploying AR & VR across match coverage and programming initiatives. We will also experiment with the world’s first interactive cricket show in the metaverse, in our ambition of making this the most interactive and immersive season of Tata IPL.

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