Best iPad Air 2022 Accessories

Purchasing the best iPad Air 2022 accessories will help you to make the most out of your device. When you have the right accessories for your device, you’ll be able to take your creativity to the max. We’ll go through some of the best iPad Air 2022 accessories that you need for your device.



Switcheasy Pastel Green Origami Wallet Case


First of all, we have the Switcheasy Pastel green origami wallet case which is a case we’d recommend you to buy for your iPad Air 2022. This case is made of premium leather and offers 360 degrees protection, protecting the back and front of your iPad Air 2022. This case also supports auto wake/sleep feature.

The Switcheasy Pastel Green origami wallet case is compatible with the Apple 2nd generation pen. The case features soft microfibre interior lining and also features raised bumpers within the case which gives your device extra protection if it is dropped.

The stylish origami design of the case allows your device to have 4 different standing options, 2 horizontal and 2 vertical. This is great as you’ll be able to comfortably watch shows and do other things on your device conveniently.


iPad Air 2022


Olixar 2 pack privacy screen protectors


Privacy is a huge concern for everyone and when we are using our devices in public we don’t want people peeking at our device to see what we’re doing, right? So, the Olixar 2 pack privacy screen protectors pack is quite ideal for that type of situation. This case blocks people from viewing your device from certain angles so it’s quite the perfect case for your iPad Air 2022 when you’re out in public.

With this case you can protect your data on the go as well as provide your iPad Air 2022s screen with long lasting protection. This case is scratch resistant and also gives film privacy to your device. The case is compatible with the in screen fingerprint reading. The pack also includes application instructions and a screen cleaning cloth, so you’ll know how to easily install the screen protector onto your iPad Air 2022.


iPad Air 2022


Official iPad Air 2022 fast wall charger


With the Official iPad Air 2022 fast wall charger you’ll be able to charge your iPad Air 2022 at lightning speeds. Ofcourse, this is the official iPad Air 2022 charger, so it will certainly be the highest quality. Perfect for on the go or whenever your home this USB-C 30W power adapter is useful for whenever you need to charge up your iPad Air 2022. No need to worry about having a low battery when you have the Official iPad Air 2022 fast wall charger.


iPad Air 2022

Tzumi Portable 4,000mAh universal emergency power bank 


Perfect for whenever you are on the go the Tzumi portable 4,000mAh universal emergency power bank is your go to portable charger for your iPad Air 2022. Be able to charge your iPad Air 2022 wherever you are without needing to always find a charging port with the Tzumi portable power bank.

With 6 hours of talk time or 48 hours of audio listening and 4,000mAh of battery capacity, you won’t be bored throughout your car journeys with this portable power bank. The portable power bank is small and compact so that you won’t have any issues carrying it around with you. It is also equipped with 4 LED indicator lights for convenient monitoring of energy.

iPad Air 2022


Scosche Baselynx multiport PD fast charging vertical station 


With the Scosche Baselynx multiport PD fast charging vertical station be able to organize your desk effectively and charge up your devices quickly. Two of the ports in the 3 port vertical station offer 12W USB-A charging and one is a 18W PD USB-C charging port.

Using this vertical charging station you wont need the mess of wires everywhere, leaving your desk looking more organised and clean. The power delivery is 3.0 meaning 3 times more power than any other USB port. The Scosche Baselynx multiport fast charging vertical station us compact and lighting for so that you are able to take it anywhere and you can also use this worldwide. The modern design of this vertical charging station allows it to fit in anywhere.


iPad Air 2022


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