Apple will reportedly allow Face ID module repairs at Apple Stores and AASPs soon

In yet another consumer-friendly move, Apple is reportedly planning to allow authorized technicians to officially repair the Face ID module on iPhones without needing to perform whole-unit repairs. The company will provide Apple Stores and AASPs with the necessary parts and tools to perform the repair, and it will be available for the iPhone XS and newer.

Presently, if a user faces issues with the Face ID module on their iPhone, it is expensive to repair their device at an Apple authorized service provider (AASP) or an Apple Store. The reason is that repairing the module requires a whole-unit repair instead of a same-unit repair.

This will change soon, as Apple is looking to provide authorized technicians with access to the TrueDepth Camera service part, which contains all the Face ID and front camera modules. Apple’s Service Toolkit diagnostic tool will also help technicians determine when to perform a same-unit Face ID repair instead of a whole-unit replacement.

Interestingly, service will be offered only from the iPhone XS and newer, although Face ID was first introduced with the iPhone X. It is unclear as to how much cheaper will the same-unit repairs cost when compared to whole-unit repairs, as Apple has not revealed pricing information.


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