6 Influencer Tools You Should Use

Interesting, consistent content is a requirement for influencers. On a daily basis, influencers have to generate post ideas, take pictures, shoot videos, respond to comments — this list goes on. To help ease some of this workload, many influencers rely on a set of tools. These influencer tools make content creation easier and more fun.

6 influencer tools to use


Its function: Design tool for social posts.

Cost: Free to start; Enterprise package is $30 a month.

Influencers have to post eye-catching images on many different channels. To stand out, many influencers use design tools like Canva to go beyond in-app features that often limit users to generic filters and a few words of text.

What’s great about Canva is that it requires zero graphic knowledge. The tools ask you what you want to create, like a Facebook cover image or a YouTube thumbnail. Based on what you pick, the platform gives you a pre-sized template and access to a bunch of templates, graphics, stickers, and easy-to-add text. 


Its function: Hosting social media contests. 

Cost: Base package is $39.50 a year.

Influencers often host giveaways or social contests. It’s a lot of work to create, host and monitor a contest on your own. Fortunately, there are tools to help, one of which is RafflePress

With this platform, influencers use drag-and-drop tools to create contests, including UGC contests, and can even use a random winner generator to select the winner. 

Influencers can set automated start and stop time, use a built-in rules center to keep your contest compliant, and take advantage of templated designs to get a contest up in snap. 


Its function: Social media scheduler.

Cost: Base pricing starts at $26 per month. 

Being an influencer means having a wildly active social media presence. To do so, it’s easier to schedule content in advance than it is to post multiple times a day. 

Loomly is a social media scheduler for all of your social channels. It becomes your social hub that not only automates posts, but also offers a content calendar, social ad management, and the ability to monitor and respond to comments from visitors.  


Its function: Photo image editor and enhancer.

Cost: Free to start; $4.90 a month for premium package.

Most social media apps have a picture editor built in, but influencers often want more options. Pixlr does just that. This app works on iOS and Android devices and offers basic editing tools and funky filters, collage templates and text editors that can take your photos to a new level. 

It’s a creative tool that can not only enhance your photos but also create artistic snaps. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Its function: Shoot, edit, and share video.

Cost: Free to start; $9.99 a month to upgrade.

If you’re an influencer who relies on video, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the tool for you. With it you can create, customize and share videos. It comes with one-click templates, text editing tools and graphics. 

It’s not the best tool for influencers who are new to video as some of the editing tools are a bit complex. You might recognize the Adobe brand, which offers some of the most popular visual editing software in the industry. This particular tool is more consumer-based than professional-based, but there is a learning curve to it for beginners. 

Display Purpose

It’s function: Hashtag generator.

Cost: Free.

An influencer’s posts should always include hashtags, but it’s not alway easy to stay on top of hashtag trends. Display Purpose can help identify hot hashtags. Influencers simply go to the Display Purpose website and type in possible hashtags. The search tool gives you a list of relevant hashtags and removes any that are spammy or banned.  

The demands of an influencer often grow with the audience. It’s a good idea to utilize tools that can manage daily tasks so you can focus on your brand. Give these tools a try to ease your workload. IZEA’s Shake platform is another tool for influencers. Shake is our creator marketplace where brands can connect, pay and collaborate with content creators on campaigns and other projects. You can create Shake listings for sponsored social media posts, in-person or virtual appearances, design services, photography, video content, audio work, writing, and even NFT creation and metaverse collaborations in virtual worlds like Roblox and Decentraland.

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